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Williams F1 will be worse without me in 2018 says Felipe Massa

, Editor-in-chief

Felipe Massa has made a claim that Williams F1 team will be wrong to not retain him alongside Lance Stroll for the 2018 season. Williams has been testing Robert Kubica and Paul Di Riesta to replace Massa for the upcoming season; however, Massa believes that changing the driver line-up will send the team in the wrong direction.

Title sponsor Martini requires the team to have at least one driver over 25. The 36-year-old Massa fits the category perfectly, while also having 15 seasons of experience to support him.

"It's frustrating that the team is trying to go for a direction that can really be much worse for them than keeping the same line-up," said Massa. "Lance is growing a lot, and I'm really doing a great job with my driving."

"I think the team has a direction that can just be positive to keep the way it is. If the team changes something, they can pay more than it costs to keep me!

‘’The team knows 100% what I am able to do‘’

Financial considerations may prove decisive. With costs continuously increasing, it will be difficult for Williams to retain Massa for the 2018 season.

"Maybe it's not 100% his decision, and they have to make a decision related to some other stuff.

"Unfortunately, money is part of this game, unfortunately not in the right way, for the professional drivers, for the professional teams.

"That's why I think if Williams keep the direction they have now, they are behaving like a professional and top team. If not, they're thinking about different things."

"I think it will be better for the team, it will be better for me, (to know) just before Brazil," Massa said. "I’m totally motivated to carry on, I feel like I’m taking the best out of the car, working really well with the team, and that’s what I believe.

"For sure, if I don’t know in Brazil I will try to enjoy my last race at home. It doesn’t mean I must say, 'bye everybody’. If I need to wait one or two weeks, it won’t change my life completely."

Regarding his position (11th) in the championship, Massa says "Where I am in the classification in the championship now I am not because of my mistakes, I am because of things that happened in three races, that I lost maybe 30 points. If I had the points that I’m supposed to have, not from my mistakes during the season, I would have been maybe fighting very close to the Force India guys. The qualifying I'm just doing what I'm expected to do, and I'm really happy with my qualifying the whole season."