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Verstappen says he wants to dominate races rather than fight for them

, Editor-in-chief

Max Verstappen recently recorded his third race win at the Mexican Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton collided going into Turn 3 on the first lap and effectively handed Verstappen the win.

After dominating the race to an extent that Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said, “Max got bored”, Verstappen says he wants to win Formula 1 Grands Prix by controlling and dominating the race rather than having to fight for them.

Asked whether he enjoyed his win at Mexico, Verstappen said: "Yes, because this is winning - and I think this is the most beautiful way of doing it. Of course, overtaking is fun, but in recent years I've never been in a position that I could control races.

"But this is what I did in karting, actually, and in the end this is want you want to do.

"Overtaking is definitely nice, but to me it's not something that's necessary.

"Ultimately you want to win races like Lewis and eventually win a championship."

Verstappen’s three victories have each been relatively different. Verstappen’s first win can in Spain last year after race leader Nico Rosberg and Hamilton collided. His second win came in Malaysia this year, after he overtook Hamilton for the lead. While Verstappen’s latest win was a cruising victory from Lap 1.

After his recent win at Mexico, Verstappen replied: "This is certainly one of my favourite ones of course, because you not only won the race, you also controlled it, without any pressure from behind.

"I hope that we will be in the same position next year. From the very first race."

Verstappen marginally missed out on his first pole at Mexico to Sebastian Vettel but made a brave move around the outside of Vettel going into turn one, before muscling his way past and edging clear going into Turn 2 and 3.

"I totally did not think about it beforehand," Verstappen added. "I haven't even watched back the races of the last few years to see what happened there. So I just did my own thing.

"If I see that there is an opportunity to make a move on the outside, then I will just try and make a move on the outside.

"This is all feeling. It's pure instinct. I have never thought about what to do at the start, not in karting either.

"My father has never told me how to do a start either. So it's just pure feeling."