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Mercedes could boast a new concept for 2018 car

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Although, Mercedes are leading the championship by some margin in 2017, Ferrari and Red Bull have been a lot closer to them in both qualifying and race performance.

This year’s Mercedes W08 has been labelled a “diva” and the technical problems have been labelled as “gremlins” by team boss Toto Wolff, as the car often underperforms at certain circuits.

A German source speculates that Mercedes could shift gear for 2018. It believes that the current concept car is nearing the end of its development, thus Mercedes could switch to higher-rake concept like the one used by Red Bull.

“It would be a total concept change,” the German source quoted.

“It requires a completely different floor and diffuser type. And such a change includes the risk of a slow start to development.”

James Allison, who is Mercedes’ new technical boss, confirmed Wolff’s assessment that the 2017 car is difficult to drive, but added that the team could correct those problems for 2018.

"Well it is difficult, but it doesn't disobey the laws of physics!" Allison told ESPN.

‘’It is clearly understandable but that doesn't mean that it is always very easy to get the very best of it.‘’

“It's been a challenge this year to achieve the results that we have with it, nevertheless we have achieved some pretty decent outcomes with it so it's not been a bad machine for us.

“However, we would like a car that is easier to throw at the race track and guarantee that we get every last little bit from it.

“The changes we have been able to make this year we have, and we hope that next year we make something with a slightly sweeter temperament,” Allison added.