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Liberty Media planning a change to the starting grid formation for next season

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Race starts often determine the outcome of races. It can be the difference between a race win and a DNF. It could become even more important in 2018 - Formula 1 may have a different layout for the starting grid come next season.

According to Bild, Liberty Media, the new owner of the Formula One Group, have proposed that cars should start in an alternating three-two-three-two formation - rather than the two-by-two formation.

The theory behind the new grid is to escalate the level of activity as the cars enter turn one.

Marca claim that Formula One Group are ready to implement these changes. The United States Grand Prix starting grid would look something like this under the new formation:

However, although Liberty Media is ready to implement the changes, there is an opposition from the teams.

They believe the new formation will be difficult to implement on narrow tracks, and would also lead to greater risk of crashes and injuries.

However, this formation would be impossible at Monaco. The narrow start/finish straight cannot accommodate three cars side-by-side, nor can it be widened due to pit buildings on the right and high-rise buildings on the left. Although a proposal to relocate the pits has been issued, it’s still in the early stages of planning.

The proposed format is certainly an interesting idea; however, it’s still unknown whether it will be in place for next season.