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Lewis Hamilton reveals secret behind qualifying performance after breaking Michael Schumacher's record

, Editor-in-chief

Lewis Hamilton recently overtook Michael Schumacher’s tally of 68 pole positions, and with 71 pole positions to his name, he currently holds the record for the most pole positions in the history of Formula 1.

The Briton, currently driving for Mercedes, explained the secret behind his success in the shorter format of F1 is to do with the pressure and excitement of bringing out the ultimate performance of the car.

“It's shorter,” said Hamilton. “It's intense. It's enthused with so much energy. The pressure is at the utmost. You go out, and you have that one lap to perfect and deliver. I love that challenge.

‘’It is the ultimate performance, putting all the pieces of the performance together and I have always loved that. That's when you attack.‘’

"It's when you really go into battle. The car is light, it is the fastest you get to drive at any point in any weekend and it all comes down to that one moment and the decisions you make and I love it."

Hamilton’s former team-mate at McLaren from 2010-2012, Jenson Button, admits he couldn’t live with him in qualifying. “In the races we could have some great battles,” Button explained. “He'd win a race, I'd win a race, and it was really close between us. But when it came to qualifying, it wasn't. He was just immense.”

With just 4 races to go, Hamilton and is well on track for winning his fourth championship, as he currently has 59 points lead in the championship from second place Sebastian Vettel.