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Fernando Alonso: I would race every weekend in any car in any country


Fernando Alonso says he would race every weekend in any car in any country if he had the opportunity. But after committing to McLaren for 2018, he is at least keen to race outside of Formula 1 on ‘two or three’ weekends in 2018.

Alonso’s dream to chase the Triple Crown, which includes the Indy 500, Le Mans 24 Hours and Monaco Grand Prix, started when he missed the Monaco GP to race at the Indy 500. His new contract with McLaren also gives him the license to compete in races outside of F1 in 2018, and there is a high probability of him racing at Daytona 24 Hour in January in preparation for the Le Mans 24 Hours.

McLaren Director Zak Brown recently added, “If Fernando would like to do some additional racing that doesn't compromise our Formula 1 efforts then we'll be open to that conversation and flexible.”

McLaren have endured yet another dreadful year with Honda. Honda have failed to address their issues of reliability and lack of power, forcing McLaren to switch to Renault for the coming three seasons.

Alonso is determined that the new Renault partnership will finally him win his third world title.

"I had this feeling inside that we were doing everything right on the chassis part," said Alonso. "We have all the data analysis, where we lose at which part of the corners - high speed, low speed, straights.

"If we put some other power unit on our chassis, we know what we can do, and I think that's probably the best news I had and what convinced me to stay."

In regard to the McLaren chassis, this is what the Spaniard had to say: "I think this year we've really progressed and developed the car in the right way and the right direction.

"Sometimes we've had difficulties to see the results from the wind tunnel on the track but this year, every part we've put on the car is delivering what we expect.

"Definitely that gives us confidence for next year. All the stuff currently in the wind tunnel, we have to have the trust that it will deliver next winter when we put it on the track."

The new McLaren front wing that Alonso debuted at the United States Grand Prix is part of the chassis development for the 2018 car; it has been claimed to be a ‘major’ step forward for the Woking team.